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Get Inspired By Trey Colley-A Young Entrepreneur

Get Inspired by Trey Colley-A Young Entrepreneur

Can you get inspired by a young Instagram influencer these days? It’s possible, as Trey Colley proves to us. 

He isn’t an exception though; today, you will find thousands of young entrepreneurs like him ready to take on the world. Not only do these millennials have exceptional talent but the grit to make their dreams come true.

Trey Colley has shown us that success can be achieved at any stage of life, as long as you have confidence and self-esteem. It’s no surprise then why he co-owns S99, a 7-figures company, that helps brands leverage Instagram to expand their business.

What advantages can you get by reaching out to young digital entrepreneurs?

A proud recipient of multiple awards, this young man started as an Instagram influencer. Today, he makes sure his clients can churn out millions by guaranteeing them a huge fan following on this platform. 

But, what is it that makes young entrepreneurs like Trey Colley an inspiration for millions of aspiring entrepreneurs?

  • For young entrepreneurs, the responsibilities are somewhat fewer compared to people who are venturing into entrepreneurship in their thirties. Since they don’t have to usually worry about family and household obligations, they can be free, focused, and flexible. They are more likely to take risks. Entrepreneurs need to be fearless but cautious. They should not be afraid to step into the unknown but should be smart enough to calculate the possible risks and downsides of their decisions.
  • Naivety can be a considerable advantage, contrary to what you may think. Since a young entrepreneur doesn’t know what the best practices are, there is no preconceived notion. People like Trey Colley are not only gifted but free to think outside of the box and push boundaries. That’s something that entrepreneurs can learn from. Unless you feel differently, you cannot expect to get noticed. People like Trey Colley teach you why taking risks in life can be so important. 
  • Young entrepreneurs have time on their side and this allows them to gain experiences along the way. More time means more learning experiences; you learn from failures and setbacks. Even if you start late, you need to respect time. There’s no time like the present and if you cannot take advantage of the opportunities you get, you lag behind the rest. Trey Colley has shown us how a keen interest in the power of social media led him to capitalize it into a career. What started as a friendly competition with his friend Stephen to acquire more Instagram followers went on to become a successful agency that is now using digital marketing expertise to market global brands. S99 is helping both businesses and individuals reach out to their targeted customers by managing social media accounts for them.
  • Willingness to learn is something that can make a world of difference to your company’s growth. This thirst for knowledge is something that most young successful entrepreneurs own. It can be a huge advantage if properly nurtured. Even if you have been running a business all your life, there’s always something new that you can learn. When you become complacent and lose the urge to know more, you lose out on the chance to better yourself.

The truth is there’s no blueprint for success. As an entrepreneur, you need to prepare yourself for challenges and disappointments. Trey Colley shows us how to find your way even if the path hasn’t been trodden on; his journey is therefore an inspiration for anyone with an entrepreneurial bent of mind.

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